Stray Dog - Daido Moriyama

This is a photograph that is haunting me and of which I am never tired or bored looking at.
It leaves me with restlesness and also with a sort of anxiety that can be hardly described through words. 
It is a violent photograph, firstly because the glance of the dog and secondly because of the harsh black and white tones that leaves me with no "grey" impressions. It is anyway the specific signature of Daido Moriyama that is applied to almost all of his work.
In this particular photograph, I am nailed by the dog's glance at me. And what I see in his glance is all the violence that the human was ever capable of, and that in some way or another is always returned to him. Even under the way of this stray dog, uncapable of giving love and affection as long as he does not receives it.