The truth does not stand as an own property of a certain object. Instead, it is something outside that object and does not belong to it unless if we want it to.

Bringing the above sentence to my hereby purpose I must say that everything in photography is subjective. That's almost coming forward to Roland Barthes' saying regarding his "studium" and "punctum" references. That is there is a shallow universal truth when reading a photography (studium) but there is also a more profound one thus more particularized, that is affecting us in a very intimate and sometime inexpressibly way (punctum)
A photography can be therefore "classified" as being artistic only when its reading has certain repercussions to our deepest and intimate level of perceptions.
Hence the pure motivation of this blog: any work of art has a certain key which once unveiled it further unveils into the reader its ability to receive "punctum" information.
Since this is a personal blog, it naturally contains personal ways of reading a photography. But it may represent in the same time a good start for others too.

My personal photographies can be seen at www.photorazvan.com